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Neuron ESB General

This is for general questions and discussions

247 Apr 15
Docker Windows 2019 - Neuron 3.5
by Alixx Skevington

Neuron ESB High Availablity

This is for discussion on deployment and high availability configurations of Neuron ESB

5 Oct 3, 2018
Reply by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB Announcements

What's new and exciting in the Neuron ESB world!

4 Jul 29, 2011
Neuron ESB 2.5.13 Release Available Now!
by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB Messaging

Discuss messaging and routing support in Neuron ESB

45 Dec 13, 2018
Reply by Marc P.

Neuron ESB Web Services

Discuss web service, visualization and meta data support

16 May 24
Reply by FabrizioM.

Neuron ESB FAQ

Provides commonly asked questions and answers

1 Aug 21, 2009
by CM

Neuron ESB Feature Roadmap 2011

1 Feb 24, 2011
Welcome to the Roadmap Discussion!
by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB 2.5.13 Release Features

Contains posts describing newly introduced features and how to use them

4 Aug 16, 2011
Reply by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB 2.5.14 Release Features

Contains posts describing newly introduced features and how to use them

2 Nov 18, 2011
Change log for the Neuron ESB 2.5.14 Feature Release
by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB 2.6 Release Features

Contains posts describing newly introduced features and how to use them

2 Apr 2, 2012
Reply by Marty Wasznicky

Neuron ESB 3.0 Release

Contains posts on Neuron ESB 3.0

5 Oct 14, 2014
Reply by David Solivan


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May 16
Alixx Skevington posted a discussion

Docker Windows 2019 - Neuron 3.5

Hi, We are using 3.5 for our application and I am trying to containerise it for our integration tests.  Building and deploying VM's as this is very time consuming to build and deploy.So I have decided that I to go down docker; everything in our stack has migrated nicely except Neuron.  The first issue was that I needed a later version of the 2016 image or 2019 image from MS which I have. I have managed to install MSMQ on it as well. But when I try to run a silent install everything runs.  But…See More
Apr 15
FabrizioM. posted a discussion

Http Client Utility - Form Body multipart/

Hi,I need to submit a REST request to JIRA, creating an attachment.This is an example of a successfull call, attaching a txt file, submitted thorugh PostmanPOST HTTP/1.1X-Atlassian-Token: no-checkContent-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=--------------------------236638228057324148168041cache-control: no-cachePostman-Token:…See More
Feb 21
FabrizioM. posted a discussion

Detect error on adapter in subscribe mode

Hi all,I'm setting up a solution using the new ServiceNow adapter in subscribe mode, subscribing to events from a RabbitMQ topic. In this mode there's no response sent back to the bus, but since the adapter basically wraps a REST call, it could be that a 404 / or similar Http code is returned.In this case nothing is logged by Neuron.I've then set it up in solicit / response, the error is logged in the .adapter txt log when in info mode. That would not help in production.I've then expanded the…See More
Jan 24
FabrizioM. posted a discussion

RabbitMQ transport type - warning

Hi,can anyone explain the meaning of the following warning?An ACK was received for a message on topic "xxx", but the channel does not have the original message. Delivery tag = 27.This is logged whenever a message is processed through a process attached to a subscriber subscribing to a rabbitmq topic.Is it due to something not configured correctly or what else?Runtime More
Dec 17, 2018
Marc P. posted a discussion

Suggestion on how to suppress "SubscriberNotFound" exceptions

We are publishing message to a Topic (multicast) that has a subscriber that is conditional - therefore, it will only purposely pickup certain messages. The issue is that for messages that do not meet the condition criteria there is no subscriber and a SubscriberNotFound exception is logged along with putting the message in the Failure table.We've created a dummy subscriber to handle these other messages with a dummy business process with a single Cancel step, but also needed to bind it with a…See More
Dec 5, 2018



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