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I am calling a REST endpoint that accepts and requires passing in the same URL parameter multiple times, however the outbound from Neuron looks to only include the last param in the query.

Example (incoming HTTP GET call):


The "_include" parameter is required twice for the correct result to be returned, however any outbound requests from Neuron looks like the following (only showing the last _include param):

I've tried pub/sub to the service connector, and directly calling the service in a biz process using the "Service Endpoint" step and manually setting the "Addressing.To" prior to the call. The msg in the Audit table prior to the Service Endpoint step shows the complete URL query string in Custom Properties "Addressing.To":

However, the actual outbound call once again only has the last _include param.

Please let me know if there is another mechanism to help send the complete url and query.



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Instead of using Http.Query and the Addressing.To, use context.Data.LocalPath to set the query string.  That property is appended on to whatever URL is used as the Service Connector.


Thanks Joe, but looks like duplicate params are still stripped.

It looks to get set ok in the context.Data.LocalPath - if I take a look at it before the call, it's all there. But the outbound URL to the service removes the duplicate.

Anything else I can try?


Can you email me your solution?



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