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Migrating Neuron ESB Configurations to 3.0

The procedures in this topic show you how to migrate your existing Neuron 2.6 configurations to the mew Neuron ESB 3.0 format.  In Neuron ESB 3.0, the Neuron ESB Configurations are now saved in a folder structure instead of a single .esb file.  


Migrating your Neuron ESB configurations:

  1. Migrate the ESB Configuration
  2. Configure and Start the Neuron ESB Service
  3. Migration Considerations

Migrate the ESB Configuration

  1. Open the Neuron ESB Explorer and create a new configuration
  2. From the menu, click File->Import...

     3. From the Import ESB Configuration dialog, browse for you .esb file (or .xml), select it and click the Open button

      4. In the Import Configuration dialog, select the artifacts you want to import (usually all of them for a migration), and click the Import button in the toolbar:

     5. You may receive an Import Conflict warning that an artifact already exists.  You have the option to Click Yes for each warning, or, if you want to disable the remaining warnings, check the box to not show additional warnings.

     6. Save the new Neuron Configuration by clicking File->Save As from the menu:

     7. In the Save ESB Configuration dialog, click the "New Folder" button (in red below) to create a new folder for you ESB configuration:

     8. You Must navigate into the new folder before clicking the Select button:

The Neuron ESB Configuration is now saved in the new file format!

Configure and start the Neuron ESB Service

Now that the ESB Configuration has been saved in the new format, you need to reconfigure

the Neuron ESB Service to use the new configuration.

  1. Click "Configure Server" from the toolbar:

     2. In the Configure Server dialog, click the ellipsis next to the ESB Configuration Folder text box:

     3. In the Select ESB Configuration dialog, browse to the folder containing your newly saved ESB Configuration.  Remember to browse INTO the folder before clicking the Select button.  Then click Save and OK.

     4. From the toolbar, click Start from the Start/Stop/Restart dropdown:

Your Neuron ESB Configuration has now been migrated and successfully started!

Migration Considerations

Business Processes

The Audit Step has been updated to provide the following options:

  • Whether or not to audit the message body
  • Whether or not to audit custom message properties

When migrating an ESB Configuration that includes business processes with Audit Steps, the migration will set these two properties to False.  You will need to revisit these processes to set these two properties to their appropriate values.

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