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I have a process where I am issuing a multicast send to an adapter (SQL). I do not care about the response really but SQL is always sending a response. Since it is a multicast we are not listening for a response so all the replies from SQL get dropped into the failed message log saying no subscriber found. Needless to say this really pollutes our log file. Is there aware to ignore these replies or do I need to make the sending process Request/Reply? 

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sure.....create a business process and add it to the on publish event of the subscriber that you assign to the sql adapter. Within that process, add the Cancel step.  That will silently kill the publishing of the response message to the bus

Thanks Marty. I also realized that since this is the SQL adapter I can just change it from Query to Execute mode as that seems like Execute does not get a reply back. 

Todd - You should really be using the ODBC adapter.  We have deprecated the SQL adapter and haven't added any new features to that adapter in quite a while.  If this is new development we'd recommend using the adapter ODBC adapter instead.

You also have the option to control whether or not a response is published by changing the adapter endpoint mode.  "Query" mode will always publish a response.  "Execute" mode is a one-way send to the DB and will not publish a response.


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