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I have a restful web service that accepts an XML payload via POST and processes it.  The intent is for batch processing of records.  It is currently configured as a Service Endpoint in the ESB.  Because it is restful, my only message pattern choice is Request/Reply.

Is it possible to configure a restful endpoint to be multicast?  Processes that access this endpoint will not care too much about the responses, however this is a situation where a process will fetch data then publish multiple messages to this endpoint.  I'd like to not have to wait for each message to be responded to before moving onto the next- the results are not contiguous.

Because of the size of the initial payload, the message on the ESB bus is only a pointer to a file.  I do not have the option to use a parallel split to get around the request-reply nature and make multiple requests at once.

Are there other options that I'm missing?

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You cannot configure a REST Service Endpoint as multicast, since by definition all REST calls require some type of response from the service (even if it is an instant 200 OK).  There are a few patterns you could implement in Neuron to quickly return a response.  Based on your description, it almost sounds like you have a Neuron process calling a REST service endpoint hosted by Neuron?



The endpoint isn't hosted by Neuron.  It's a WebAPI service.  Here's the flow:

  • A message is published to the topic
  • The on publish process related to that publisher splits the message into many smaller messages
  • Each smaller messages is then published another topic, the subscriber of which is this service endpoint
  • WebAPI service receives (because the service endpoint passed on the message) and performs the correct task with the smaller message

I was looking for a way to have this process run in parallel- each smaller message is independent of the other.

Have you tried the split step in a process?  You can run this in async mode if ordering doesn't matter.  Also, instead of publishing to a topic for the service endpoint to subscribe to, you should use the Service Endpoint step. Both of these will speed-up your process.

Those are great, but the content of the ESB message isn't the actual data.  It's a small bit of XML saying "find the real data in this file".  That's what I meant by "pointer to a file".

Because the message content isn't the actual data, there's nothing for a Split step to actually split.  I am using a file stream to process the data into the smaller messages, but its happening inside a C# step.

I can build a threadpool and have that C# step do this work through a webclient-  I was merely looking to see if I could utilize Neuron to perform that function in order to capitalize on its built-in controls for things like bulk service calls.  In order to facilitate that goal I ended up instantiating a publisher inside C# that would publish the smaller messages, hoping to gain parallelism by firing off lots of smaller messages and having the system process them individually.  Like a scatter with no gather, but I need to use C# to kick it off.

This sounds like a workflow problem.  You can have the REST client connector publish to a topic that is subscribed to by a workflow endpoint.  The workflow endpoint can take the mini-message and pull the data and do whatever you want with it.  The client connectors publisher will still have a process executed on the on-publish event,  The basic pieces of that process would be:

1.  publish step to durable topic that workflow endpoint subscribes to, semantic = multicast

2.  c# step to step http response code to 200

3.  Cancel step to force return of service call to client

Workflows can be configured to have as many as you want running concurrently.  Any messages that are waiting to be processed will be durably stored.


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