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I have a Service Endpoint setup as a Service Connector but the URL doesn't seem to be getting hit when messages are published. I've double checked and the Subscriber Id is subscribed to the topic. The queue has the messages sitting in it.

What am I missing?

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you're using the msmq transport with the Topic then? What version and Build of neuron are you using?
Believe that is RC 2
Make sure Anonymous login has full rights to queues for topic and subscribers.
I've seen this behavior before, but it was only when I created a topic powered by MSMQ, clicked Save.....then after save, create the actual queues. When you create the queues AFTER you create and SAVE the topic, the publishing service will not auto start for that topic. However, if you have restart the esb service, all will work. The right order is create topic, select msmq, and hit apply. Then navigate to create queues. Once queues are created, then hit SAVE
looks like CM had the right needed to change the semantic to Request, from multi cast
I have a few other subscribers to this topic, the service endpoint just happens to be one of them. If I change the semantic to request they won't receive the messages correct?
Not quite. You just don't want more than one to answer in a WS scenario because that makes no sense. The API doesn't care.

With queued Topics only one instance of the same subscriber id will receive the message.
So hypothetical situation:

I have written a few applications that are happily publishing messages with Semantic = Multicast. I then put a service endpoint on the bus that shouldn't return anything but the developer didn't mark it as OneWay (it's actually a void under the covers). I then have to change all of my publishers to Semantic = Request?
A Service Connector set to request reply in the Binding tab will send messages with a Semantic of Request. A Service Connector set to Datagram will deliver messages to the service if they are a Semantic of Multicast.

Semantic flipping is something that is pretty natural in Neuron. Often what folks do is publish Multicast so more than one Party gets the message then in the Party in the Service Connector they run a pipeline that sets the appropriate Semantic and the SOAP Action on receive.
How are the messages being published? Have you configured verbose logging? Does it by chance say "Multicast" in the logs?
How do I go about configuring logging?
Neuron Explorer. Choose configure server then set the trace level to verbose. Restart.

New logs will appear in the program files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB\logs dir. Run your scenario. You should see full message body and info on semantic.


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