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I am a bit confused. I am trying to get up to speed with Neuron and RabbitMQ. I read this blog post and it all seems pretty straight forward. However, when I try and use the test clients to verify the queued nature of the message it falls down. I have a topic setup to use RabbitMQ. I have a publisher and a different subscriber setup for the topic. When I spin up 2 test clients and have them both connected everything is great. The sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message. But I then disconnect the receiver to see if once it connects again if it will get the queued message. On the sender I send the message and I see the message sitting in the message history list (direction send). When I connect the receiver test client again nothing happens. The message just sits there. What am I missing? I am sending as a multicast

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When you set the Topic to use the Rabbit MQ transport, did you set the Rabbit MQ transport property (Recoverable) to True?

Yes. Recoverable is set to "true." I have tried all three mode types as well but still does not work. 

I can look at my RabbitMQ and I see the Default.Enterprise.Queue.QueueListener queue. The rabbitMQ message rate shows activity of messages but the queued message log showing nothing. 

In Neuron the "Deployment" tab under RabbittMQ has two entries for my subscriber and publisher. Both have "active" = true, Topic = Queued and their party name. The rest of the columns are blank. 

Is there any documentation or sample I can look at? Evidently the Neudesic blog post is not correct anymore. But I can't find any documentation on the RabbitMQ setup or properties. 

can I ask what build of Neuron you are using.  Also, did you install the versions of Rabbit MQ and Erlang from our installer or from the links we provide in the Readme.html file we the root of the install directory? I installed RabbitMQ (3.3.5) and Erlang (6.2) from the web. 

I believe our readme for Neuron ESB 3.5 outlines support for Erlang version R16B03 and Rabbit MQ version 3.2.2. The download links are below

you need to check the 3.1 readme.html to see what version we support for it

if you want, send an email to and we can do a screen share to walk you through this


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