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Working on a project here in Neuron ESB
I've found numerous bugs and errors within the GUI and I plan to update this post with them as I find them.

#1 Workflow Endpoints tab order

When tabbing through the general options for a Workflow Endpoint
the correct tab order should be

Workflow Definition:
Endpoint Host:

However currently the order is 

Workflow Definition:
Endpoint Host:

Similar obvious mis-orders are present on the Adapter Endpoints as well as Service Endpoints with the Adapter Endpoints General menu specifically skipping over the Messaging section when tabbed through.

#2 GUI does not work with Windows Scaling. 

Due to my work laptop having a 4k Resolution, It must run at 250% scaling, NeuronESB does not cooperate with this whatsoever. It results in improperly sized text and overlapping windows and navigation panes. Through back door windows methods, which there are not explicit settings for the enabling or disabling of scaling on a program/app specific level. I have a process that is a workaround of sorts, by rebooting in 100% scaling, launching the program, and then returning to 250% scaling, however for this process to work, I must have an external monitor that is view-able at a scaling of 100%. This is also not a solid work around, menu external Neuron windows such as the test clients and individual reports still open at a completely incorrect scale.

This problem is very debilitating for me as it limits me to a workstation with an external screen to get ANY sort of work done.

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scaling out will depend on your personal text size, i.e text size as well as resolution. I doubt we will scale properly on a 4K monitor.  that's really a .net framework limitation we've had with window forms.  however, most of other resolutions can work fine. at end of year we will be releasing the new NeuWaze Design Studio that will work with Neuron ESB Explorer solutions.  That design studio is built in WPF and will not have the scaling issues that Windows Forms does.

yes...we actually played with that....but according to my devs, it didn't help much...

our new design studio though is pretty sweat!  all in WPF.  should be ready by end of year


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