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Is there any guidance on using Neuron in ASP.NET? I see the SubscriberProxy class but the documentation is a little thin on the use of it. If it can only publish what is the best practice for subscribing via a web app?


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You can just use the publisher API (not SubscriberProxy just the regular API Publisher object) or you can use a WCF proxy with IsOneWay=true and a Datagram client connector.

The publisher API is loosely typed, allows you to inject pipeline logic that is maintained centrally and allows driving your solution without worrying about WCF config sections, changing object arguments, SOAP etc.

The datagram client connector approach is a little lighter weight so it connects faster and allows you to keep the client tier free from using our dlls.

You don't have to make a service in advance if you go the WCF route. Just create your DataContract or if you want control your MessageContract and your interface that passes it. Then use a client connector set to Datagram and ChannelFactory and you're good to go.
I'm a little confused. In your first blog post you say "However, the Party classes (Subscriber, Publisher) were not designed for use in IIS" and the documentation seems to agree. So can we use the Publisher API in ASP.NET running on IIS? Just want to make sure that we don't do something that is a known no-no!
Simple, I've been kind of overruled by practical use we've seen work :)... To tell the truth I'm still not a huge fan of using the Party in IIS but it has proven itself for this kind of thing...

The reason I hesitate to champion it in IIS is the Party API has a lot built into it for use on the receive side which obviously requires state and I've always been concerned someone would try to get clever and use a Request semantic... Basically I've feared the abuse or mistakes that could occur if you didn't understand the innner workings..

But as I said many people have used it for publish only and done fine.


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