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A Couple of Pipeline Tips and Tricks

I thought I'd share a couple of tips

First Tip : REST drop off point

You can set up a Pipeline that allows the client to POST a message and get a 200 response very easily with Neuron.

1)Create a Pipeline and adding whatever logic you wish to process the POST. Many times this may simply be a Publish step.

2)Next add a Code step that sets context.Data to a new ESBMessage and then uses the FromString method with "" as an argument. You don't have to use an empty string of course you can put anything you want in there to signal "Message received!".

3)Finally add a Cancel step to make sure the last statement is immediately returned to the caller and you're done with the pipeline.

4)Connect the pipeline the Client Connector Party's On Client Publish

Second Tip : Create a Custom SOAP Header in a Pipeline

Use the following code as a template in a Code step to create a custom header. If you want it to flow out the Service Connector make sure to check the Restore custom headers check box on the Service Connector tab. Replace values in {} with your own.

Neuron.NameValuePair nvp = new Neuron.NameValuePair();
nvp.Name = "{Namespace for header}/{Root element name of header xml}";
System.Collections.Generic.List lst = new System.Collections.Generic.List();
string header = "{full xml value of header as a string with a root element name and namespace that matches above arguments }";
nvp.Value = header
context.Data.SetProperties("soap_headers",lst); // you can also optionally create a new message, assign that to context data and then assign the headers to ensure no conflicts etc..

Of course since you know how to write one you now know what prefix to use with GetProperty or GetProperties for reading an incoming SOAP header captured by cheking Capture custom headers on the Client Connector tab.

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