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Sometimes it's desirable to utilize Neuron as an onramp for services that don't actually exist....What do I mean by that?

Well imagine you had a set of stored procedures that had served a traditional client server or pure server side architecture well and you wanted to expose them to new WCF clients. One option would be to create a WCF service that exposes the operations and have all the goodness of contracts and another platform and application to manage.

Another option is to utilize Neuron and a WCF client shaped the way you want it to be that then utilizes a Neuron client connector and Adapter to build most of that app for you without actually building another separate app.

You could utilize pipelines to help you make decisions and shape the inbound packet and if you need to swap things or notify or kick off workflows then adding more functionality is a matter more of config than coding.

What would something like this look like for real? Download and have a look.

I'd be interested in any patterns or approaches you've used to accomplish similar things.

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Comment by Frosty on February 16, 2009 at 12:43pm
I agree completely... choice is good. I think that I get (for the most part anyway) the semantics of the editor per se, but was interested more in the 'this' reference, which I see from your response is an ESB message instance, and what other 'built in' objects (if any) might be available.

Neuron would be well served if the next major / minor release was only to contain documentation / examples / best practices and don't do thats. Of course your mileage may vary...
Comment by CM on February 16, 2009 at 8:58am
Hi Frosty,

I tend to use rules when I have either a 1 liner or non XML. The other times the rule editor is helpful is when you need to set multiple ESBMessage header properties but there are branch conditions that effect the values.

There is definitely an overlap between conditions, rules, transformations and message switches. But, I tend to think of this overlap in terms of programming language constructs. We don't technically need for, foreach *and* while loops or a switch statement or anonymous classes, lamda expressions etc.......But I never complain that I have all of them!

We don't have a lot of docs on the rules editor unfortunately....We need to rememedy that for the next major release. However, the editor is really nothing more than the built in Windows WF editor plus a context that gives access to the ESB message. So a lot of information can be found online by just reading the docs on the Windows WF Rules Condition Editor.
Comment by Frosty on February 16, 2009 at 8:11am
I found this very interesting on several levels. Can you discuss more about the differences between Rules and Transformations? There appears to be some overlap in their functionality (I could be wrong). Where can I find more information about using Rules in a pipeline?

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