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How can you log? Let me count the ways...

Sometimes when talking to people about Neuron for the first time or after their first few days using the product I'll get asked "Do you have logging?"...

Sheesh.. do we ever... First, there is the Trace Level setting you access in Neuron Explorer by using the Configure Server.. Set that to the level desired and restart the service. If you make it verbose you will get lots and lots of info including message bodies. This log level will create a new directory under logs each time the service is started.

Next, there is the good old Windows Event Log. Our log is called Neuron ESB..But don't only look there if you're having hard to diagnose issues. Sometimes it only appears as if Neuron is having problems. Often looking at the other Window's logs such as the Application log will reveal true root causes.

If you're really into WCF tracing you have a couple of options. One could be to turn it on in the esb service config file itself using the usual settings or, if you are using a custom config file in a connecter then you can put settings in there.

If you want to get fancier or customize more then there are the pipelines. You have access to OperationContext there in a Client Connector so you can learn all kinds of interesting stuff...Maybe you take that interesting stuff and use a Store step to put that intersting stuff in to SQL Server..

Or what about the Publish step? Put a Publish in wherever you want..Then use Neuron's pub sub infrastructure to send it to your own BAM implementation, or BI or logging portal or whatever.

If you like your messages to stick around for posterity and be kept in one place then you can turn on audtiting for a topic (You must configure a database for this option). Every message body for every publish and receipt of that message will end up in your database...

Finally, there is the Republish on another Topic choice in our policies. These are great for only publishing errors because a policy is only invoked if there is an issue...

As I said you have quite a lot of choices ... Wait a minute.. I forgot creating a Logging Adapter... Oh well, I think you get the point..We have you covered when it comes to logging...

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