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Programatically query Neuron for subscribers/publishers and topics

So, how can I query the currently running Neuron configuration for it's subscribers, publishers and for their topics (and whether or not they can pub/sub to those topics)

Is this info available through the API somehow? I would prefer this over getting the infor from the .esb file, if possible.

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The TestClient uses the Administrator API. I believe you can link to the same dlls. Neuron.Esb.Administration is namespace I think you want to look at.
Ok, thanks for that... but after poking around a bit it's not entirely clear how to connect without already knowing a party ID.

Would I be better off looking directly at the .esb file? Or can you maybe show me a code snippet that shows how to connect to Neuron without a party id, then query for topics and publishers/subscribers?

What do you think is the best option?
Don't tell anyone I showed you this ...but here's some code from the test client...

SubscriberConfiguration config = new SubscriberConfiguration("Administrator", null, null, null);

Administrator admin = new Administrator(config.ServiceAddress, config.ServiceIdentity);

List topicsList = new List();

String zone = null;
if (_client != null) zone = _client.Context.Zone.Name;
else zone = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["esbZone"];

List topics = admin.GetAllTopics(zone);
foreach (ESBTopic topic in topics)

if (topic.Hierarchy != null)
foreach (Subtopic subtopic in topic.Hierarchy)
Most.... illuminating ;)

This should be able to give you a start:

#########Powershell 2.0###############
# variables
$NeuronDll = "D:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB\Neuron.Esb.dll"
$NeuronConfig = "D:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB\BrinksEDA25.esb"

Write-Host "Variable NeuronConfig = $NeuronConfig"

# source utility functions
[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom($NeuronDll) | out-null

$meta = New-Object -TypeName Neuron.Esb.Internal.ESBMetabase $NeuronConfig
$subscribers = $meta.Configuration.Subscribers.Values | where {$_.PublisherRole -eq $true} | sort SubscriberId

foreach($sub in $subscribers)

Write-Host "Finished"
#########Powershell 2.0###############


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