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I'm trying to make the Swagger (help file) for a REST (client connector) EndPoint be "Deployment Group" (environment variable) driven.

The files will be located in folders containing a value in an environment variable:

  • Dev-Local
  • Dev
  • QA

I have the Bindings working for the REST call using something resembling the following:


I need to do similar with the SWAGGER document: (something resembling the following)


No matter what I put into the Bindings "External Metadata Location" (including hard-coding and local "c:\" paths), I receive an error (see attached 003) stating the URL is relative and the base URL is missing.

See attached images in order ...001, ...002, ...003

Nothing seems to work.


  1. Which binding(s) do I use?
  2. What is the syntax of the binding(s)?



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you cannot using environment variables to create the swagger address


How do I use the "Access metadata at external location. External Swagger Document URL"? 

See the image "...001" that was attached.  I tried hard-coding paths/urls and it generated the errors previously mentioned.

Enter the full url where the swagger document is hosted. 

what is the syntax?

I put in the address that the Discovery service uses and it gives me the error.  I put in the "C:\..." path to where the file is located and it gives me the error.

http://<hard-coded server>:51003/?url=docs/<hard-coded filename>.json


C:\Program Files (x86)\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3\assets\docs\<hard-coded filename>.json


C:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3\<hard-coded instance>\<hard-coded solution>\docs\<hard-code filename>.json

Http address of a host that is Not neuron

You also realize that the swagger document has to already exist...I.e. you need to create one. Neuron doesn’t create swagger, we just host the docs

Yes. I have the documents already created and stored on the drive.  I have 5 different environments that each necessitate different environment settings within the Swagger.

Let me try asking a different way.  I do not wish to store multiple copies/versions of the same (slightly modified versions) swagger document inside of NeuronESB.

Is there any option to store the files on the file system and just reference the location without having to create a new HTTP service just for the purpose of storing/referencing these documents?



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